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Residential building in Arta

The location of the plot is in the city of Arta in Western Greece. The buildings that surround it are mainly residential. In addition, the neighborhood is quite quiet with low traffic. The project has been implemented to accommodate mainly families and offer them a high standard of living. Starting from the ground floor, there is a flat with parking spaces and the main entrance. Each floor has two separate apartments fully functional and autonomous. The apartments have an area of 100 sq.m. and 107 sq.m. respectively. While in the basement there are separate warehouses for each apartment. Finally, the construction was made of reinforced concrete according to the new EU static codes. The energy consumption in this apartment building is low due to modern insulation methods (thermal facade), aluminum with thermal break and heat pump in each apartment so that there is autonomy and low cost especially in the winter months.

PROJECT : Residential building in Arta
LOCATION : Arta, Greece
YEAR : 2019-2022
TYPE : Houses
STUDY TEAM : Vassilis Molonis, Thomas Tsolas
STATIC STUDY : Thomas Tsolas
E / M STUDY : Lamprini Gartzoni